Immersive Interactions for Health Education and Skills Development

Tell me and I will forget
Show me and I may remember
Involve me and I will understand
(Chinese Proverb)

I wonder if the person who wrote the Chinese proverb all those years ago had any idea of the significance of “Involve me and I will understand” in todays’ world of technology and the internet? 3Dme’s production of the IVLE project; Individual Virtual Learning Environment, is using the reach and speed of the internet, 3D technology, pedagogy and gamification techniques to engage and involve students to learn. We now have over 100 test users online, spanning across metropolitan and regional Queensland, Australia. As part of the ongoing development process, academics are reviewing content for accuracy and relevance, developing assessment tools, identifying key analytics and integrating IVLE tools into their classroom pedagogy. The IVLE Pilot project focusses on Diabetes Health and Wellness so test users are students currently enrolled and studying nursing or the health sciences. They log on remotely to test 3D interactions, stream high definition 3D video and provide feedback on content and functionality. We will be demonstrating IVLE functionality at booth no. 163 at the upcoming EduTECH National Congress and Expo 3rd and 4th June
What’s next?…
3Dme are preparing to conduct a classroom trial alongside academic partners at the University of Southern Queensland.


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