If “a picture is worth a thousand words” from a teaching and learning perspective, what value should we place on 3D digital images and footage?

Using visuals to facilitate the delivery of a message has come a long way since Frederick R. Barnard, 1921 first quoted the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” in an article where he was referring to the effectiveness of using graphics in advertising.

We are all lifelong learners and teachers. As a lifelong learner and teacher…

Do you remember more of what you see than what you hear?

Do you have difficulty focussing on the topic when a presenter does not have supporting visuals?

Many people answer “yes” to these questions, sometimes because they are visual learners, yet primarily because visuals simply facilitate the delivery of a written or spoken message. From still 3D images to infographics, 3D visualisations and animations, we are living in exciting times where there is a abundance of information available to everyone via the internet. But how do we decide which information is accurate and relevant? How do we ensure learners and students get the most benefit from the time they invest in learning, whether it be attending face to face or viewing online presentations?  All learners from lay persons to academics benefit from utilising 3D animations and images to enhance the delivery and comprehension of health education topics. We understand the power of engaging, accurate, endorsed visualisations and imagery – it’s our passion and our work! After much time conceptualising, brainstorming, creating, rendering, validating content accuracy and key wording, the 3Dme Online Store is now open http://store.3dme.com.au This is where we can share our passion with everyone, anywhere, anytime and it’s affordable. From students to teachers and parents, there is something for anyone interested in understanding more about the human body.

3Dme Store

3Dme Store

We’d love to hear how you have incorporated 3Dme stock images, stock footage, learning clips or learning modules into your presentations or publications so please give us your feedback on Facebook www.facebook.com/3dmecreativestudio  Twitter www.twitter.com/3dmealookinside or below. Thank you!

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